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MediaTrust was the communication agency chosen to create and implement the new site of Biscaia Fraga Clinic as well as to improve the search results of the clinic in search engines.

In parallel, the responsibility to promote and boost the Facebook page was also trusted upon MediaTrust.


The implementation of the new site was focused on the contents - text and images – on the presentation of cases that illustrate the results that may be achieved, and also on the design and usability of the site. All in order to make it easy and intuitive to consult, gain more visits, keep users on the site longer and generate higher returns.

Given the power that mobile platforms have achieved, other priority was to build a site adapted to mobile phones and tablets.

Before starting the actual work of developing the site, we visited the clinic, met the professionals that work there, interviewed their leaders, identified the existing base material, and, above all, we have incorporated the vision and philosophy of Biscaia Fraga Clinic. In parallel, we studied the solutions of similar clinics.


We defined a grid of intuitive and dynamic content base and worked complementing them with more relevant information to current and potential clients.

We wrote the contents of the site taking into account the target audience and applying the best techniques of writing for the web, in order to ensure good results in terms of search engine optimization..

Being a medical clinic that offers a range of services related to aesthetic surgery, and health being a very sensitive topic - where the demands of trust, professionalism and guaranteed good results are very high - it is important to provide very complete information about each procedure and present pictures of BEFORE and AFTER cases.

Since there are several public persoanlities associated with the clinic, as Rita Salema, Barbara Norton de Matos, Marina Mota, Joana Duarte, Maria João Nuno Abreu and village square, a space has been reserved for the presentation of videos with testimonials that witness confidence layed upon the surgeon Biscaia Fraga,and the satisfaction with the results achieved.

Existing a rich portfolio of interviews with doctor Biscaia Fraga on TV, press and internet, we highlighted the most relevant ones on several issues and enable them to be consulted on the "Media" section of the site.

The excelent facilities and exquisite decoration of the clinic made us highlight the doctor's office. Photos of various rooms are, therefore,also presented on the site.

The result is a site that is clear, dynamic, easy to read and at the same time, elegant and attractive.

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