MediaTrust - Who Are We

We are a team of creative and experienced professionals who really enjoy what we do.

We work in communication consultancy, marketing and public relations. We are specialized in providing visibility, promote and enhance brands, products, events, organizations and companies.

MediaTrust was created in 2001 as a result of communication projects that presented themselves as professional challenges and resulted in successful cases.

We make a point of providing a service of excellence, in order to give the best solutions to the needs of our Clients. We have pride in giving carefull attention to every project and every detail. The originality and effectiveness of the solutions we present are the result of this personalized and unique approach!



We conceive, materialize and project strategies that generate communication and make the brands grow up.

MediaTrust - Think
MediaTrust - Create
MediaTrust - Care


MediaTrust thinks in creative and effective solutions to specific needs of communication. Finding these solutions means, first of all, to study the brand, understand its competitive advantages and the target audience.

It is importante to identify the current positioning of the brand and its competitors and analyze which are the goals to achieve.

From here on, we define the communication actions to be implemented, the selected media formats to use and the lines of approach for each media.


We manage resources and communication, and we develope the contents to be communicated acording to the client and the target audience, and, at the same time, we let the imagination fly.

We surprise the media using materials, formats and messages that appeal to emotions, arouse attention and as a consequence we help brands to achieve the desired results.

If your business assumes a low profile, we have solutions that are based on simplicity of communication, without ceasing to be unique and personalize.


The communication work needs time to mature. Brand awareness is a continuous work, so monitoring the communication from medium to long term is part of our core business.

The assessment of the results of the communication work is crucial to analyze the effectiveness of the work and also to define strategies for future action. Therefore, it is an important stage of our work.