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Auchan Group - through Alegro shopping centres :Alegro Alfragide and Alegro Castelo Branco

Alegro is a success case in the shopping centres area. The brand was born from the expansion of Jumbo hypermarkets, which belongs to Auchan, one of the largest global distribution groups.

The dinamics on the areas around the hypermarket, with innovative and attractive initiatives is also responsible for the massive influx of public.


Auchan relied on MediaTrust to strengthen public profile (enhance visibility) and maximize their shopping centres’ impact - Alegro Alfragide and Alegro Castelo Branco - unto the public, through Facebook.


We analyzed the brand, visited the mall and met the clientes. From this point, we defined, together with the client, a strategic concept associated with the brand to look up on Facebook, which suggests joy, wellness, dynamism, optimism.


On this basis, we develop content with the potential to cause an emotional connection to the brand, generate shares and cause positive comments. In parallel, publishing useful and updated information about the shopping centers, useful tips for day-to-day, as well as opportunity sales and offers..

MediaTrust has ensured the promotion of Facebook pages of two shopping centers, through appealing text and images and dynamic quizzes.

We also advise and manage the investments better suited for each campaign to maximize the value of the brand.

As a result of this work, a significant increase in the pages and a stronger customers connection to the Alegro brand has been achieved.

Visit Facebook Alfragide Alegro Mall

Visit Facebook Alegro Mall Castelo Branco

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