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An English real estate developer (Milligan) partnered with one of the most important groups of European construction (Eiffage) to deploy in Barreiro, an innovative concept that combines a shopping center and a retail park.

MediaTrust was the agency chosen to monitor the entire process, and explain it step by step to the media and, consequently, the target audience, from the partnership agreement signing untill Barreiro Retail Planet’s full functioning stage.



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Rather than report the construction and opening of a shopping center, the strategy was to communicate Barreiro Retail Planet as a new business concept: the planet of purchases, which innovatively combines a shopping center, a retail park and a restaurant area . In parallel, we communicated the project as being socially responsible and with a high environmental concern, with an underlying logic of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region. Shops and outdoor spaces were design in a fairly balanced coexistence and complemented by green areas.

The heavy investment and job creation also served as anchors for many news, at a time when the country was going through a serious economic and financial crisis.

Since the beginning of the partnership of the companies responsible for building the Barreiro Retail Planet, until the inauguration - which was attended by the Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity, Helena André - MediaTrust created various communication moments, in order to feed the media and to inform local residents about the new project, raising people's curiosity.

On 14 October 2009, a ceremony to lay the first stone was held, with the presence of Barreiros’s Mayor, Carlos Humberto, organized and communicated by MediaTrust.

Three weeks later, and with a very particular aim of attracting new tenants to integrate the project, a presentation event for Barreiro Retail Planet was organized in the exclusive space in Lisbon – Silk.

Six months before the opening, MediaTrust invited Barreiros’s Mayor to visit the works. This action was also attended by the promoters and served as an opportunity to announce the opening date, in the second half of November (2010).

Then, in July (2010), a symbolic event ceremony of the keys delivery to tenants took place. This event reminded the public that a new shopping center was about to open, but also intended to attract potential tenants.

A new communication moment happened on the opening of the Barreiro Retail Planet, scheduled for November 17. About two weeks before the opening, a press conference was held to reveal details about the Opening and also about the Christmas campaign, scheduled for the shopping first month of the shopping centre.


Mediatrust planned, produced and hosted the opening ceremony, which included the design of the invitations, sending the invitations, checking in the guests (a total of about 700 guests of various nationalities) and, of course, the contact with the media.

In order to ensure a good coverage by the media, the leading figures of the Government were invited by MediaTrust. Attended the Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity, Helena André, Secretary of State for Employment and Vocational Training, Valter Lemos, the civil governor of Setúbal, Macaísta Malheiros, the Mayor of Barreiro, Carlos Humberto, and other personalities from the district of Setúbal.

The whole event was planned in detail by MediaTrust. We coordenated the moment when the guests arrived (personalized B. Retail Planet´s gifts were offered), the speeches, the cutting of the ribbon, the unveiling of a symplic inauguration plaque and the music, light and color show, which preceded a dinner for a restricted set of people.

On the opening day thousands of people visited B.Retail Planet: the new planet of purchases. The opening was greatly announced and highlighted on television, radio and national and regional press.

In order to feed the public's interest in this retail, we thought out the communication of several planned actions in detail, with special focus on the first weekends after the opening, now on a more regional line of communication. The musical show Tim & Companheiros de Aventura, held on December 8, was one of several animation actions implemented.

During the first year of Barreiro retail Planet several actions were proposed, organized and communicated by MediaTrust, in order to keep the media and public interest in the project. MediaTrust organized, for example, a display of model airplanes, a display of antique toys to celebrate Mother's Day, an action for release of thousands of balloons and a pillow fight to celebrate Children's Day, among many other initiatives, in a a way that produced news and captivated audiences.